About Jamanapo

Jamanapo handbags and other treasures are one-of-a-kind creations lovingly, carefully and beautifully handcrafted with respect by Maoko Carroll in Kangaroo Ground.

The vintage Japanese fabrics that are used in Jamanapo bags include selected pieces from an array of beautiful silk and indigo cotton kimono, workers' aprons and the "saké" sack that was traditionally used to strain saké rice wine. These one off fabrics come from directly from Japan. High quality denim and upholstery are teamed with those special vintage fabrics for colour, texture and durability. Vintage buttons and brass buckles add to the unique charm.

Each unique handbag is individually crafted over many loving hours. The end product is a very personal, handcrafted and styled handbag that as well as flare has its own individual story. Currently only 6 to 8 bags are created in a month.

The use of pre-loved materials and carefully chosen liners in quirky patterns means no two bags are the same. And the same bag will never be made twice.

A traditional Japanese belief is that each person is born with a red thread tied to their pinky finger. Their other half in life has the end of the red thread tied to their pinky finger. Each Jamanapo creation has an engraved button sewn on to it using red thread, in the hope it will find its destined owner...

About Maoko

Jamanapo is the creation of Maoko Carroll, who was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan and now lives with her husband and two children in Kangaroo Ground, Australia, where she finds constant nurture in nature.

Maoko first learnt to sew at her mother's feet. She finds the creation of beautiful things an essential outlet in life and crafts each treasure with thoughts of its future owner. She believes anything handmade is blessed with a little magic and hopes it will smile on you...